THE CORY BAND USA 2019 TOUR DIARY – Welsh Dragons Join JMU Dukes (DAY 5)

Our day kicked off with a hearty breakfast (lots of crispy bacon) and a short stroll to the Forbes Centre for Performing Arts, where our concert was held that evening.

Mingling at the venue

At 10 am the band had a rehearsal scheduled in for our upcoming defence of the Brass in Concert competition. After a two hour rehersal, the band enjoyed an afternoon off to relax, explore the uni campus or explore the nereby area.

Rehearsal time

Whilst band members had a rest, Philip Harper led a rehearsal with the JMU brass band covering topics such as balance, phrasing and musicality in Philip’s usual flamboyant style! After rehearsing Enter the Galaxies – Paul Lovatt – Cooper, Philip dived into certain sections of the epic – Titans Progress. The clinic really benefitted the band, and they made a marked improvement in such a short space of time.

25,000 seater stadium – WOW
Philip taking JMU through their paces
Relaxing after rehearsal

As the afternoon passed, in chilly but sunny weather, the band met at 5pm to rehearse for the evenings concert. We were then treated to a delicious meal (not a single portion of fries in sight), before getting dressed and preparing for the show!

Buzzing atmosphere

In true Cory fashion, the soloists sparkled and the band displayed the ‘british’ style of brass band playing to its fullest capacity, of which the audience adored.

Tom with a fan

Closing the concert with the finale to William Tell, the band enjoyed yet another standing ovation!

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Following on from the concert, we enjoyed a mix and mingle session at the hotel which gave the JMU students a chance to meet Philip and ask anymore further questions they may have.

Tom Hutchinson’s rapid performance of the William Tell solo!

Accepting, one will never be able to play that solo as well as Tom!

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