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Once upon a time, there was a brass band from a very small village in the Rhondda Valley in deepest Wales. The band has a long history stretching back into the 19th Century, and several generations of musicians had strived for many decades to put the band on the map. By the late 20th Century they had started winning competitions and the band was establishing itself as one of the best. Finally in 2007, after much toil and effort, this village band reached the peak of its capabilities – ascending to number one in the whole world! Against all the odds, it maintained this position for the next nine years until, in 2016 when a decade at the top beckoned, it achieved the most unbelievable feat of all: a four-pronged Grand Slam consisting of the European, the British Open, the National Finals and Brass in Concert. And so it entered its tenth year ranked as number one in splendid style and with a huge lead over its rivals. The name of this band was… The Cory Band.