This impressive release from early 2016 sees Cory in their element – literally so in a showcase of ensemble and solo brilliance that provides the listener with 80 packed minutes of top quality entertainment.

The 16 tracks are laid out in typical Cory concert mode; not a second wasted from an inventive title-track (complete with the MD’s voice in tuba pitch) and thrilling pot-boiler overture, through a series of contrasting genres, styles and superb soloists to a corking orchestral classic to round things off. They ain’t half good at it.

Steve Jack Review – http://www.4barsrest.com/reviews/products/cd586.asp




1 Elemental Philip Harper Cory Band 4.31
2 Poet and Peasant Suppé arr. George Hawkins Cory Band 10.17
3 On With the Motley Leoncavallo arr. Ray Farr Steve Stewart (Soprano Cornet) with Cory Band 3.24
4 Canterbury Chorale Jan Van der Roost Cory Band 6.11
5 Under the Boardwalk Kenny Young & Arthur Resnick arr. Philip Harper Helen Williams (Flugel Horn) with Cory Band 2.45
6 Malagueña Lecuona arr. Mark Freeh Cory Band 2.37
7 Fuego! Philip Harper Tom Hutchinson (Cornet) with Cory Band 4.01
8 Aristotle’s Air Christopher Bond Cory Band 4.23
9 The Yeomen of the Guard Sullivan arr. Malcolm Sargent Cory Band 5.22
10 In Gardens of Peace Philip Harper Glyn Williams (Euphonium) with Cory Band 5.47
11 Festive Dance from Mindia Alexander Comitas Cory Band 3.13
12 Rule Britannia Hartmann arr. Dan Price Ailsa Russell (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 5.54
13 English Counterpoint Lewis Furber Cory Band 5.07
14 Carrickfergus Traditional arr. Stephen Roberts Steve Kane (Baritone) with Cory Band 3.44
15 Stardust Carmichael arr. Bill Geldard Chris Thomas (Trombone) with Cory Band 4.04
16 The Brigands’ Orgy Berlioz arr. Philip Harper Cory Band 7.11

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