Majestic Percussion

Majestic_logoThe family firm of van der Glas B.V. was founded in 1921 by Willem Klazes van der Glas, the grandfather of the present proprietor Wim van der Glas. The fledgling company, which at that time had premises in the old city centre of Heerenveen, the Netherlands, only sold organs, pianos and wind instruments, but the production of percussion instruments soon followed.

In the 1960’s the ‘Majestic’ brand name was introduced for these percussion instruments. At that time drum sets were particularly popular, and many rock bands in the Netherlands and other countries used them. Even then the production of percussion instruments for orchestras and marching bands was the most important part of the company’s activities.

Over the last thirty years Majestic has continued to specialize in this area with the result that Majestic percussion instruments are now being played with great enthusiasm in all corners of the world.

Since 2003 a new company has been established for the Majestic division called “Majestic Holland b.v.”. The company is situated in a large new factory in Nijehaske, near Heerenveen, in the Netherlands and is owned by one of the largest musical instrument companies in the world. This great combination ensures the expansion of manufacturing and sales of Majestic products all over the world.

Founder Willem Klazes van der Glas set a standard of excellence in 1921 that remains the governing philosophy for Majestic. Product development, engineering and production are overseen by family members and every model must adhere to stringent standards of craftsmanship and performance. We invite you to explore our entire line of concert and marching percussion instruments and discover the features and superior quality that Majestic has to offer.


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