Hutchinson delight at new Bourgeois Concerto

Cory principal cornet Tom Hutchinson reveals that he took a gulp of apprehension before tackling the brilliant new Cornet Concerto written for him by composer Derek Bourgeois. Tom spoke to 4BR about his new download release on the World of Brass label, which features the world premiere of a brand new concerto written for him by composer Derek Bourgeois.


The commission process began whilst Tom was working with Dr Stephen Allen at Rider University in the USA, where he expressed his ambition to play a work by the renowned British composer.

“Stephen managed to get me a contact and I got in touch,” Tom said. “I was thrilled that Derek accepted, and even more so as he revealed that he never written a major work for the cornet before.

I didn’t have any specific requests as to how the work should be presented, only that I said I always liked his ‘Trombone Concerto’ for its technical brilliance and catchy melodies.

I have to say I was a bit daunted when he requested to listen to my solo CD ‘In Principal’ to find out ‘what was possible’ as he said!”

Gulp of apprehension

Tom explained that when the piece arrived he couldn’t have asked for anything more.

“It was certainly a wow moment when I first looked at it — then a gulp of apprehension,” he said. “After that I just couldn’t wait to start playing it!”

Bourgeois style

The first movement features an interchanging, spirited Allegro Vivace section that has that idiosyncratic ‘tongue in cheek’ Bourgeois style.

In contrast, the second begins with a beautifully expressive leitmotif which develops into a light and delicate obligato solo line, testing the full range of the instrument. The finale shares many characteristics of the composer’s ‘Trombone Concerto’ — none more so than the exceptionally tricky 6/8 triple tonguing motif that leads to an explosive finish.


“It’s a piece that has really seen me tested to the limit,” Tom added. “However, it’s also a work that I’ve so much enjoyed playing — especially as I was fortunate to be accompanied by Cory led by Philip Harper.

I hope people like it and other cornet players will be inspired to give it a crack too. It’s a brilliant major showcase work that adds so much to the existing cornet repertoire.”


Tom concluded: “My thanks go to Derek for giving up his time to work on this special project for me — and to Cory and Philip Harper for the brilliant accompaniment.

Thanks to World of Brass as well, and in particular Nicki and Adam Tonge who’ve supported this project from the beginning and enabled to be released in this innovative download way.”


The concerto is exclusively available to preview and download at:­cornet-concerto

You can also look out for the Audio Download QR cards at the World of Brass trade stands.

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