Hercules Stands

LHerc_thumbistening to professional musicians and teachers, we conduct exhaustive research and development to eliminate the problems associated with more traditionally designed stands.

Three main principles help guide our designs. Constant development, manufacturing excellence and value for money. You’ll find thought-out solutions that enhance the usability of each of our band instrument stands, guitar stands, keyboard stands, light stands, speaker stands, microphone stands and stringed instruments stands.

HERCULES stands are made in our ISO9001 certified facility located in Tianjin, China, so you can trust our engineering techniques and quality control to be absolutely first class.

Our basic materials are carefully chosen for performance and longevity. Every material is tested and if it fails to meets our high standards it is rejected. We at HERCULES believe there can be no compromise in material selection as this would reflect in the performance of the final product.

At HERCULES we understand just how frustrating it can be (for players of all abilities) when equipment malfunctions. Singing or playing, the last thing you should worry about is your equipment. When you purchase a Hercules productyou can rest assured it has been thoroughly tested for durability and performance.

You really can trust HERCULES stands. We wont let you down.

Are you visiting from outside the UK? Find our parent website at www.herculesstands.com.

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