Dream Cymbals & Gongs

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 23.52.05At DREAM Cymbals and Gongs Inc.we keep it simple. Our goal is to make the best sounding hand-made cymbals and gongs in the world, price them fairly and let the instruments speak for themselves. Better yet, let the instruments speak for you.

Owning a Dream cymbal is a relationship of discovery and innovation, creativity and loyalty. These are the instruments that allow you to explore what YOUR DREAMS sound like. Every one of our cymbals and gongs are hand-forged with ancient traditions of mixing fire and hammering bronze with craftsmanship to create a unique work of art, as individual and unique as your playing.

Please browse the website and learn about the instruments. Find out how they are made, what they sound like, who is playing them and where to get them. These instruments need to be heard to be appreciated and you will find an exceptional collection of dealers all over the world who dare carry the best.

DREAM Cymbals will play your music, whatever you define that to be.

What do your Dreams sound like?


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