Double Signings

Helen and GlynCory Band is pleased to announce the signing of Glyn Williams on principal euphonium and his wife Helen Williams on flugel horn. Both players will take up their new positions with the band in July 2015 and bring with them a reputation as two of the best in the business, having been connected with Foden’s Band in Sandbach, Cheshire for a combined total of 35 years between them. Helen and Glyn have made the huge decision to relocate to South Wales, and Helen is also excited to have been offered the opportunity to work with the Cory Academy helping to encourage and develop community grass roots banding in the Rhondda Cynon Taf area and throughout South Wales. Glyn has much to offer as a conductor and will be actively seeking new opportunities in the area.

As much of a heart-wrenching decision as this has been, the couple are looking forward to new challenges and beginning a new chapter in their lives which neatly ties in with them both celebrating significant birthdays in 2015.

They would like to publicly thank Foden’s Band for the countless experiences, opportunities and fond memories that have been made over the last 20 years for Glyn and 15 years for Helen. The chances to work with, and be conducted by the likes of Howard Snell and Bramwell Tovey to name just a few, will be cherished forever. Lifelong friendships will be maintained and although Glyn and Helen are venturing to pastures new, Foden’s Band will always remain close to their hearts, and they wish it all the very best for the future.

Philip Harper, Musical Director of the Cory Band, commented: “I am thrilled that Glyn and Helen will be joining the Cory Band and I look forward to many musical adventures together in the years to come. Helen has played with the band in the past, most notably on our tour of Australia in 2013, and Glyn played with Cory at the recent European Championships. We all enjoyed having them as part of the team, and I speak for everyone in the band when I say that we are delighted that they have decided to make a permanent move.

Both euphonium and flugel seats have been in a state of flux since March, and I would like to publicly thank those players within Cory Band who have shown much flexibility during this period of transition. Previous flugel player Richard Davies has been sidelined with a back injury and will be reintegrated into the cornet section; Stephanie Wilkins has stepped into his shoes in his absence and has played beautifully on flugel horn at concerts, contests and on CD recordings – a wonderful player with a bright future; and Matthew Fletcher has done a great job filling in on end chair euphonium on a number of occasions – another rising star of the brass band world.”

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