Cory and Besson renew partnership

Cory Band is delighted to sign a renewed and extended partnership agreement with Buffet Crampon continuing the relationship which commenced over a decade ago and coinciding with their constant status as the World’s ranked number one band.

During that period the band has received constant support to fly the flag for Besson globally, including several tours of America and a tour or Australia. Looking forward into 2022 the partnership will continue to benefit audiences globally including a showcase performance alongside trumpet star Louis Doudswell for the European Gala Concert thanks to the direct support of Besson and a tour of South Korea for the band to look forward to plus several other projects being planned.

Besson recognise the unique, versatile ability that Cory has, to not only perform consistently on the contest stage but also the progressive and collaborative attitude that engages audiences of all ages which represents the Besson brand perfectly. The working partnership even continued during 

Covid-19 lockdown with the development of Besson Fridays which featured Cory’s Musical Director, Philip Harper as a host and appearances by several band soloists and the Tuba section.

The renewed partnership will see players from Cory visit the Besson factory and select their new instruments which will hopefully be in time for the British Open to be held in January 2022.

Besson artist and principal Cornet player Tom Hutchinson commented – “I am delighted that Cory has continued the long and successful partnership with Besson. I remember my first trip to the factory for Cory as their relatively new principal in 2011 and a decade on, the quality of the instruments is as brilliant as ever and we will look forward to selecting our new instruments very shortly.”

Philip Harper added “To perform the range of repertoire that is demanded of a band like Cory at some of the finest concert halls, I need all the players to be confident with their chosen instrument and Besson continues to provide us with that confidence that only comes from a mutual beneficial partnership like this. They continue to be at the forefront of everything that is loved and treasured about the brass band sound and versatility.”

Lyndon Chapman, UK Sales Manager for Besson commented, ‘On behalf of Buffet Crampon I can honestly say we are absolutely delighted to continue the great partnership we have with The Cory Band, not only are they a band of superb players but also great people to work and plan with on a personal level, and are great ambassadors not only for the Besson brand but also as has been shown during Covid, our movement!! We take this opportunity to wish them continued success in the future.

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