The Cory Online Brass Band Championships – 19th/20th September 2020 – Entries now closed

Applications are now closed for the ‘Cory Online Brass Band Championships 2020’, supported by Arts Council Wales. We aim to confirm places in the next few days, and all bands will be notified by email if they have been allocated a place or not. In the event that the contest is over subscribed, a draw will take place to determine places.

The contest will be broadcast online over the weekend of 19th & 20th September 2020. It will be in an entertainment-style format to encourage innovation and creativity, and to build upon the success of the distance banding videos we have seen from hundreds of bands across the world in the last few months. The idea is to showcase the best of what the brass banding world has to offer in these difficult times, whilst keeping it fun, inclusive and as authentic as possible.

The contest will be broadcast for FREE, to both competitors and the general public through an easy-to-access platform, to be confirmed.

The Rules

  • Bands will be split into Sections 1-4, plus Championship level. When entering please select the section you wish to enter relevant to your current grading standard in your own country. Please note – we reserve the right to reallocate ungraded bands should it become evident that their standard is not comparable to others in the section they choose to enter.
  • Player registration is not required. Please compete within the spirit of banding though and avoid borrowing superior players from other bands just for the contest. It’s fine to borrow players of similar standard though.
  • Bands should limit themselves to a maximum of 35 players including percussion, and any other instrumentalist or vocalists you wish to use.
  • Each band is encouraged to submit up to a maximum of 10 minutes of video performances as a mini-programme. We would suggest 3 separate short videos to achieve this, but it’s up to each band how they present their programme. The contest is an entertainment style contest so it provides your band with the opportunity to be as creative as you like with your programme. There are no restrictions on the pieces or styles you perform – that’s entirely up to you!
  • The videos can be made of individual players performing, or groups, or a full band. We are aware that different countries will allow different types of activity (for example gatherings of people) at different times. Keeping within your own country’s rules is part of the challenge, which may be bigger in some countries than others! This will be taken into account by our judges, so countries where bands are not allowed to meet en masse will not be penalised because of these limitations. As long as you make your submission by video, it doesn’t matter how many of you are physically together.
  • If you have already created distance banding videos that have been shared across social media, we are happy for you to use them in your programme.
  • Each band will be offered the services of a Cory Band Mentor to guide them through the process, advising on everything from programme creation and recording a video, to performing your parts to maximum potential. This is an optional component, so please indicate your desire to take up this offer or not so we can assess supply and demand.
  • Videos will be required to be submitted by midnight on 4th September 2020. They will need to be 1080p quality and ‘ready to play’. We are unfortunately unable to offer video editing services. Full technical specifications, tips and an upload area will be made available upon confirmation of your place. 
  • Each section will be broadcast and judged separately
  • Adjudication will be open, and judged by Cory personnel, including Philip Harper. We plan on having some live comments immediately after each band from the panel with their initial thoughts, and bands will be judged on:
    • Quality of Performance
    • Programme Content
    • Presentation
  • There will be Special Awards in each section as follows:
    • Instrumental awards for every section including percussion
    • Welsh Theme Award for the band which includes the best Welsh music, composer or arranger (optional)
  • Full results will be available for each section after the event.


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