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Developing the experience of both established and emerging artists

The Cory band welcomes all enquiries to perform at your event and you can Book The Cory Band almost year round

We also take great pride in delivering the following Workshops (across the UK and beyond)

Masterclasses & Full Band

A Masterclass followed by a Full Band Performance from the world’s most successful Brass band

Soloists Ensemble One to One Tuition

We have a great record of providing excellent teaching, ideal for smaller numbers and offering one-to-one expert tuition

A Cory Academy Training Day

Nobody does this like we do: a dedicated full day working with learners, their development culminating in a concert that will surpass everyone’s expectations

Raising the Roof at your Charity Fundraiser

With Cory Band headlining your event attendees will find the brass in their pockets to match the world class brass band entertainment supporting your hard work.

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